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Orientation Tower Upgrade

The main hall of the Orientation Tower has been simplified.  Rather than posters of the partner school webpages and basic tutorials, we’ve added large panels explaining the movement controls.  This should ensure that new avatars focus on learning to walk and fly first.

In addition, we’ve added some animated arrows to make it more clear …

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Things We’re Working On

First of all, we’re creating a login on the Skoolaborate home page for members which will then take you to our new Member’s Site.  From here you will be able to access all of the online tools from one location (ie. the Online Units, Avatar Registry, etc.).  We are also building in a few extras …

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2010 Linden Prize


For the second year in a row Skoolaborate has made the top ten list for the Linden Prize.  “The wait is finally over! After receiving over 130 applications in January, the field has been narrowed to ten projects that we feel exemplify the criteria of the Linden Prize”. Adam Blondin (Linden Lab)

At …

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Skoolaborate Meeting May 2010

There were some important things discussed at the meeting on Friday, and some great updates from our partners in America, Japan, Chile and Portugal.  We also had a special guest from Linden Lab (creators of Second Life), Claudia L’Amoreaux who came by MLC School to see how Skoolaborate works from the inside.  Special thanks to …

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Water Issues in Africa Event

On April 27th, 2010 the Global Classroom Program at the World Affairs Council of Seattle held its second educational event in Skoolaborate’s virtual environment. Participants included high school students and teachers from Australia and the United States. During the event, two journalists from the Common Language Project, a Seattle-based non-profit that reports on issues and …

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Beyond 3D Journey

This year Ms. Clausen’s 8th grade class at Denny Middle School embarked upon their own journey into Skoolaborate. Skoolaborate is an international online learning community that incorporates a blog, a wiki, and the 3-D virtual world of Teen Second Life. The subscription for membership to Skoolaborate is funded through a pilot program sponsored by the …

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There are three main ‘zones’ for each language and one shared area

1) The language chalet… here, you can get the Lingualand T-shirt, sit
around and get rewards for chatting, play quizzes to try to reach the week’s
‘top score’, and start off on a scavenger hunt .

2) The games arcade… here you can …

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Body Image: Learning Together

This activity was ‘set up’ via an online unit (see pic below) developed by the teachers at MLC Karen Ingram, the head teacher at MLC, made the unit available to all the teachers and schools in Skoolaborate. Students created Collages, had discussions amongst peers, researched local shopping centers and media outlets etc in preparation for …

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Do We Need Rules?

A student approached me to express concern over all the rules that prevented him from building wherever he wanted. He felt that there should have been more freedom. We do have ‘Sandpit’ areas but they send items home after a while. We do have a process where schools can propose a build and have it …

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