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Skoolaborate  is a global initiative that uses a blend of technologies including, blogs, online learning, wiki’s and ‘virtual worlds’ to transform learning. We aim to use these tools to provide engaging collaborative learning experiences for students aged between 13 and 18 years of age.

We aim to learn how to use these blended experiences to make learning more meaningful and engaging. The projects we create will integrate curriculum and digital technologies into collaborative global actions. Check out the Projects tab on the home page for an in depth look at current practice.

Our virtual learning space is secure and only accessible via invitation. Students from schools around the world are invited to participate. Lead by Mark Kent at DECV (Distance Education Centre Victoria),

We will use our initial experiences to gain the skills that allow us to work towards achieving our goal of improving educational outcomes for all students – particularly those who are disadvantaged.

Find out more about how to join Skoolaborate or see who our partner schools are and what they are doing in the area of online learning.

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