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These are the objectives  of Skoolaborate.

  • Develop the capacity of young people in decision making and action learning around issues of global significance.
  • Have young people work together on innovative projects which engage them in forms of action that create understandiing of differences and promote conflict resolution skills between individuals and groups.
  • Develop inter-cultural understanding in schools and their community members.
  • To transform traditional schools practice by increasing global connection, meaningful use of digital media and inspiring student engagement.
  • Assist all young people to aquire the basic knowledge & skills necessary to become a productive and fulfilled member of the global community.
  • Establish Skoolaborate as a safe place for schools, educational institutions and individuals from around the world to interact, learn and share ideas, teaching methods and other educational resources.
  • Establish Skoolaborate as a place for teacher professional learning opportunities relating to working with virtual worlds.
  • Develop a set of Heuristics for teaching in virtual worlds that will assist all educators working in these environments.
  • Plan, develop and run an awareness events aimed at improving the educational situation of underprivileged groups
  • Create a global community of learners, both students and teachers who will work towards the common goal of increasing learning outcomes for students
  • Provide a range of elearning opportunities that engage geographically isolated learners so that they begin to form relationships with other students around the world
  • Build the capacity of school students and their teachers in digital media and learning
  • Educate the broader community, via a range of digital media, about power and influence of social technology
  • Learn to look after the well-being of participants in a virtual learning environment then document and share the strategies that we use in order that others may create safe environments
  • Prepare students to join a global market by providing experiences with digital media
  • Encourage and facilitate the effective use of innovative learning environments, including wiki’s, blogs and LMS’s, information technologies and networks that facilitate learning
  • Provide teachers and students access to high quality, culturally appropriate teacher, elementary and secondary educational resources.
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