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Skoolaborate Lite is focused primarily on collaborative work through virtual worlds, specifically islands in Second Life.  Members will have the opportunity to create online units of work to complement their virtual world projects.

Distance Education Centre: Victoria, Australia


For over 100 years, the Distance Education Centre Victoria has been Victoria’s major provider of distance education courses for students from Preparatory to Year 12. It delivers programs to more than 3000 students each year.

We are the leading providers of primary and secondary distance education in Victoria. Our personalised learning support ensures local and global access to the highest quality flexible education.
Teachers working at the DECV are qualified professionals with proven ICT competencies who have embraced the possibilities and challenges of teaching via distance modes.

Distance education simply means education that is not based in a physical classroom. Teaching and learning programs can be delivered in many ways – online, via disk, in print. Contact methods can include phone, email, chat, blog, wiki, bulletins or simply by post. The teaching and learning program is developed and implemented by teachers, and regular and ongoing contact between teacher and student is encouraged and expected.

The programs are designed to meet the educational needs of students whose circumstances can prevent them from accessing courses at regular schools. While many students are travelling, ill or find regular schooling difficult, many others use the DECV’s services to enrol in one or two subjects that they cannot access in their regular school.

Our students engage, enjoy and excel.  Flexible learning for all…

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