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Body Image: Learning Together


This activity was ‘set up’ via an online unit (see pic below) developed by the teachers at MLC Karen Ingram, the head teacher at MLC, made the unit available to all the teachers and schools in Skoolaborate. Students created Collages, had discussions amongst peers, researched local shopping centers and media outlets etc in preparation for an online debate with schools from other countries. The unit included many aspects relating to Body image such a health issues, media and peer pressures, dieting advice etc. Others schools including Kings Christian School and Christs College added more information later to make the units totally relevant to their students body and curriculum.

Part of the unit required students to develop avatars that reflect what they see as the perfect body image through the eyes of the media. The first visit ‘in world’ saw students working on their image and discussing why they chose what they chose. MLC students were joined by several other students and teachers from around the world to discuss why they made their choices. The teacher would ask a provocative Question and the students would move to the appropriate discussion area to discuss with like minded others (see below).

Teachers noticed that students who tried this activity in the ‘real world’ were reluctant to go to an area that reflected their true opinion but would rather go o where their friends went. In the virtual world, the students did not stick with their friends but rather visited their true position.

The second visit allowed the students to upload copies of the collages that they had produced. Students then discussed with each other and with the Skoolaborate partners who visited, why they had constructed their collages as they had and what meaning they were trying to provide.

It was great to see various images with slight variances from all over the world. The conversations were around similarities and differences in media pressures and what images were appropriate.

This online unit is now available to all Skoolaborate members who can complete the unit at a time that suits their academic year. They will also add contributions and variances.

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