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Do We Need Rules?


A student approached me to express concern over all the rules that prevented him from building wherever he wanted. He felt that there should have been more freedom. We do have ‘Sandpit’ areas but they send items home after a while. We do have a process where schools can propose a build and have it approved and located in the appropriate spot but again this was too many rules.

The original reason we started these rules was due to the ‘griefing’ that use to occur, people would be trying to have lessons etc when other students would dump a pile of beach balls on their build because they could and it may have seemed funny.

This was a learning opportunity!

I dedicated an new island to all the students. It was called ‘Lord of the Flies’ island (top left) . Basically no building rules, you could build what you wanted when you wanted and where you wanted.

Two weeks later I got another call from the same student. He felt that I had a problem on ‘Lord of the Flies Island’.

The island looked like a tip. It was over built and there was no room anywhere, people changed the landscape leaving houses way up in the air and it was totally unmanageable.

What do you suggest we do about it? I asked. The student suggested that we may need some rules.


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