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FLN Update 2010


The Frontier Learning Network is a collaboration of schools in the Pacific Northwest of the United States focused on bringing hybrid-platform high-quality learning opportunities to member schools. Last year, we piloted our first venture project into incorporating digital/virtual worlds into our multiple platforms with a course entitled Emerging Technologies for Collaboration (ETC). We joined the Skoolaborate initiative the summer of 2009, and in June of 2010, the director of ETC presented at the Consortium of Oregon School Administrators.See her presentation videos below.

Out of that presentation, we added our newest school, a charter school just beginning this fall in collaboration with its local high school and community college with an emphasis on industrial sciences. This fall, 40 new students will be embedding the Emerging Technologies for Collaboration curriculum into their project-based learning model and entering Skoolaborate to learn initial skills, then go on to build and create projects. Their first assignment is to design their own learning space in physical reality in their new schools. We are exploring together what constitutes ideal conditions for learning and collaboration, and those concepts will make their way into Skoolaborate as models for consideration. We are excited to participate with this new venture as they explore Skoolaborate and learn and create together with our global community.

Rinda Montgomery Conwell
Assistant Superintendent
North Central Education Service District

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