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There are three main ‘zones’ for each language and one shared area

1) The language chalet… here, you can get the Lingualand T-shirt, sit
around and get rewards for chatting, play quizzes to try to reach the week’s
‘top score’, and start off on a scavenger hunt .

2) The games arcade… here you can play a variety of games with the aim of
getting top scores and prizes

3) The beach… this is a place to chill on the beanbags, to listen to music
and videos, or, if you’re feeling lively, to dance or play active games
which are provided or which you might want to invent!

4) The passegiata… you can take a stroll down the central promenade,
meeting people from all nationalities on the way ..

We hope that you’ll enjoy the challenge of the games and the activities,
which you can play alone or with others, but most of all, we hope that you
enjoy making friends from different countries, and learning more about their
language and their culture.

-Helen Meyers, South East Grid for Learning
“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his own language – that goes to his heart.” – Nelson

Also check out Helen’s blog at http://elektraabseguk.wordpress.com/

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