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Orientation Tower Upgrade


The main hall of the Orientation Tower has been simplified.  Rather than posters of the partner school webpages and basic tutorials, we’ve added large panels explaining the movement controls.  This should ensure that new avatars focus on learning to walk and fly first.

In addition, we’ve added some animated arrows to make it more clear where to go next.  Avatars must still jump or fly up to the entrance, which presents a light mastery of the movement controls.

Inside each tower, the newbies will be presented with two options for their tasks.  The left side is for those using Viewer 1, and the right side is for those using Viewer 2.  The new panels are color-coded to match the application icon for each viewer, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to know which version they are using.

There are only three short tasks in each level now rather than four or five.  For Viewer 1 users, they can click on the panel and open up a webpage of the task tutorial in their browser.  For Viewer 2 users, the tutorials are displayed using live webpages directly embedded on the panels. This means they can use the in-world browser controls to zoom into the page and scroll.

We’ve also added a Google Translate tool at the top of the page so that students of another language can change it into their native tongue.  It’s not perfect, but it should be sufficient to help them understand the task tutorial.

We had some issues in the previous Orientation Tower with the HUD.  Sometimes teachers could not find it, and sometimes it was confusing to operate it.  We’ve since changed the system so that anyone can advance to different levels in the Tower by right-clicking on green arrows and teleporting to the next room.  This will allow the new avatars to progress through the tower at their own pace.

Now, at the back of the room, there are green arrows to teleport down, and red arrows to go back up.

So far, we’ve only had time to upgrade the Red tower, but in the next few days, I will be changing the Green, Blue, and Yellow towers as well.  Hopefully this will make the orientation process much simpler and more efficient…


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