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While Antoine met the Victorian students at Melbourne airport and Chris met his Queensland group at Brisbane airport Susan, Daniel and I prepared the outdoor area where we would physically construct the mural and menu planned with  chef Yoss and checked out the sleeping quarters.

The kids arrived around 3pm dumped their bags and we did the introductions.

Interestingly many of the students had met in Skoolaborate but not in Real-Life. It didn’t take long for those that had already met in the Art Crimes area to connect the dots and reconnect like old friends. Fascinating stuff.

Student: “Oh, you’re that large avatar that I was talking to the other day in Art Crimes”

Outside the students checked out the physical space where we’d spend the next 4 days working and unloaded the bare panels and leaned them against the fence so you could see the scale of the mural.  As the work progressed the mural grew in our Skoolaborate space. Check the gallery down below for visuals.

Our fabulous chef Yoss who kept us all fed and catered for the carnivores, the vegetarians and the kosher among us.

Wally spent time with the students mapping out  concepts and sketching their thoughts on the whiteboard before it was time to transfer some of these basic designs to the panels outside and the panels in Skoolaborate / Art Crimes.

The students were amazing and they worked together on creating, tweaking and developing their designs. As they worked we live streamed 2 hours a day using a basic laptop and a webcam with a reasonable degree of success back to our schools and over the Internet. Parents and teachers were able to see the students at work.

Apart from learning skills in photoshop, photo impact, paint, elements of graphic design, spatial relations, area, etc our virtual world has proved a fantastic vehicle for developing relationships, building community and providing opportunities for meaning communication.

Over the next four days the students worked tirelessly on their piece under the tutorlidge of Wally. Just looking over the gallery photos provide a snapshot (pardon the pun) of the level of their engagement.

On Friday morning with half an hour to spare we downed tools and stood back to admire our collaborative work.

Yoss had prepared a sumptuous feast for the inveiling of the mural by Assistant Regional Director Richard Huilen and around 11.30 Art Crimes was officially presented to the community.

The unveiling was covered in the newspaper, channel 7 and live streamed to the world.

In the afternoon the kids – who had by now become firm friends – said their goodbyes and flew home. Promising to meet again soon in Skoolaborate and continue the story.

Can’t wait to see what eventuates.

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