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Skoolaborate Meeting May 2010


There were some important things discussed at the meeting on Friday, and some great updates from our partners in America, Japan, Chile and Portugal.  We also had a special guest from Linden Lab (creators of Second Life), Claudia L’Amoreaux who came by MLC School to see how Skoolaborate works from the inside.  Special thanks to her for paying us a visit.


I. Introductions & Partner Updates

Carolyn Lowe (Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI)

Please read the blog for more information about Carolyn and NMU.

Lee Nelms (The Langley School, McLean, VA)

Please read the blog for more information about Lee and the Langley School.

Rodrigo Peréz Coto (Think Academy, Chile)

Rodrigo mentioned that he’s still looking into using Skoolaborate to help in the education efforts for the children affected by the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile.

Laura Adriance (World Affairs Council, Seattle, WA)

Laura does a summer institute in Seattle for high school youth who are interested in world issues.  She has them for about a week, at which time she would like to get them “hooked” on Skoolaborate as a tool for communication and collaboration.  These students will be doing a project in Second Life on July 1st or 2nd, and Laura would greatly appreciate some involvement from our partners.  If you are interested in participating in a project around that time, please contact Laura at: ladriance@world-affairs.org.

Rob Riter (Kyoto Gakuen, Japan)

Rob is currently bringing a class of 30+ students into Second Life and Skoolaborate.  They will be covering the basic communication and building tools and preparing for some events they will host later in the year.  Kyoto Gakuen uses Skoolaborate to practice language, share Japanese culture, and “build bridges” with students in America.  However, these projects are open to everyone in Skoolaborate.  If you are interested in joining one or all of these projects, please contact Rob at: rob.t.riter@gmail.com.

Katrina Coker (Native American Community Academy, Albuquerque, NM)

Katrina has recently created a computer lab for her students with donated machines running Ubuntu-Linux, and there have been a few problems in getting Second Life to run on those machines.  If anyone has any technical expertise regarding this issue, email her at katrina@ndnedtech.com.

In addition, she needs project ideas and partners for a group of incarcerated youth whom she’d like to participate in Skoolaborate.  If you have any ideas for her, or would like to help out, please post to the Google Group or contact her directly here.


II. Developer Update

Rob Shaw announced that he is working on a way to incorporate all of our Skoolaborate tools into one members’ site.  Rather than using separate sites for group posts, avatar registry, user’s guide, online units, and tutorials, we are developing one portal for all things.


III. Blog Entry Permissions

Every partner now has the ability to add to our blog, and save the entries in draft-mode.  Westley, Rob, or myself can see when new entries have been added, and upon a quick inspection, publish them to the site.  There are currently 6 partners who have requested blog permissions, but we are looking to add many more.  If you are interested, please contact me at: cflesuras@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au.


IV. World Leadership Council

Our first WLC project is being organized by the girls at MLC School.  The main focus of the project will be to gather education resources for a school in Nepal, and they need help from other partners in Skoolaborate.  In the coming weeks, they will be communicating through Google Groups with students from America, Japan, NZ, and other parts of Australia in hopes of exponentially increasing the amount of goods that they could collect on their own.  If your school has leadership students interested in this type of project, email me.


V. General Participation Duties

Westley spoke a bit about the importance of finding people at your school or organization to participate in the events held in Second Life.  Though we realize people are busy, it is absolutely necessary to support one another in Skoolaborate or risk failure in the long term.  Each school should have at least one student or teacher who is responsible for finding other people to attend presentations, or participate in an event.  In recent weeks, Laura Adriance of the World Affairs Council has invited some great speakers to present on world issues, and we were able to bring a whole class of students from MLC to participate in the discussion.  Without this sort of commitment, it would be a shame if the presentation went forth with no one in the virtual world to see it.  With it, the event was a huge success on both sides.

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