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Skoolaborate training

Here you’ll find a growing number of resources to help you navigate and understand Skoolaborate.

If you find new resources that you think might be of benefit to other teachers and students please post a link or send your details to mkent@distance.vic.edu.au


Taking snapshots


Inworld photography,  — and getting started is as easy as clicking a single button.

Curious and short on time?  This less-than-three minute video gets you started:

Photography in Skoolaborate


The main hall of the Orientation Tower has been simplified.  Rather than posters of the partner school webpages and basic tutorials, we’ve added large panels explaining the movement controls.  This should ensure that new avatars focus on learning to walk and fly first



Ten Basic Video Tutorials


Tutorial One

Navigating the Skoolaborate Website

Tutorial Two

Introduction to Skoolaborate Plus and registering

Tutorial Three

Skoolaborate Plus – Creating a project

Tutorial Four

Skoolaborate Plus – Register your avatar

Tutorial Five

Logging in to Skoolaborate / SecondLife

Tutorial Six

Skoolaborate – basic controls

Tutorial Seven

Managing a student and creating the all important avatar links.

Tutorial Eight

Navigating the tutorials and the Orientation Tower.

Tutorial Nine

Exploring some of the Projects outside the Orientation Tower.

Tutorial Ten

Basic building and 3D modeling : Part 1.

(For more information scroll down to “your avatar and you”)



Skoolaborate Information and consent TEMPLATE


A basic introduction to Skoolaborate

Introduction Skoolaborate

Your Avatar and You – instructions on controlling your appearance

Skooolaborate-Avatar appearance

This is a video to help Skoolaborate students learn how to edit their avatars in Second Life. It is designed to mirror the tasks in the Orientation Tower.

Orientation Tower Tutorial 2

This is a video to help Skoolaborate students learn how to use the communication tools in Second Life. It is designed to mirror the tasks in the Orientation Tower.

Orientation Tower Tutorial 3

Listen to the explanation of the various tools available to the students and teachers who will be working in as well as developing this area. Collaborative tools that sit within and outside of Skoolaborate are fully functional and work in real time as well as being accessible outside of core hours. See some of these demonstrated as well as seeing the potential for other social interactions that would otherwise not be available to students in remote areas of Australia.

Skoolaborate Dance Space and Web 2 tools.


How to use Skoolaborate Plus

The Skoolaborate+ website provides a simple and straight-forward mechanism for course creators(teachers) to generate and share online content with students.  In that regard, Skoolaborate+ could be considered a Learning Management System.  No external editors or programs (other than a web-browser) are required to create and edit content.

Skoolaborate+ hosts various Projects (or courses) which are split up into chapters like a book.  Pages can then be edited directly within your web browser via a rich text editing box, similar to a word processor, providing you with a layout very similar to the completed web page.  The word processor element(control) generates HTML (which is what all web pages are comprised of), which can also be edited directly, at the touch of a button, for greater control over the page display if required.  Resources, like graphics and video can be uploaded or linked to, as illustrations in each project.  Each Chapter can also display a Discussion area for students or a Questions section for students to complete individually.

The administration of users, be they Teachers, Project Collaborators, Students or Administrators, is also self contained and available from within the Skoolaborate website.  Teachers and Administrators share responsibilities in regard to the set up of Students (which will be elaborated on in the “Setting Up a New User” section).

This guide will explain the numerous features present in Skoolaborate+ and how to make the most of the system.

Creating a Project / Creating a new user in Skoolaborate Plus



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