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How to use Skoolaborate Plus

The Skoolaborate+ website provides a simple and straight-forward mechanism for course creators(teachers) to generate and share online content with students.  In that regard, Skoolaborate+ could be considered a Learning Management System.  No external editors or programs (other than a web-browser) are required to create and edit content.

Skoolaborate+ hosts various Projects (or courses) which are split up into chapters like a book.  Pages can then be edited directly within your web browser via a rich text editing box, similar to a word processor, providing you with a layout very similar to the completed web page.  The word processor element(control) generates HTML (which is what all web pages are comprised of), which can also be edited directly, at the touch of a button, for greater control over the page display if required.  Resources, like graphics and video can be uploaded or linked to, as illustrations in each project.  Each Chapter can also display a Discussion area for students or a Questions section for students to complete individually.

The administration of users, be they Teachers, Project Collaborators, Students or Administrators, is also self contained and available from within the Skoolaborate website.  Teachers and Administrators share responsibilities in regard to the set up of Students (which will be elaborated on in the “Setting Up a New User” section).

This guide will explain the numerous features present in Skoolaborate+ and how to make the most of the system.

Creating a Project / Creating a new user in Skoolaborate Plus

Check out the Curriculum Hub at Skoolaborate Plus

The online virtual classroom.

Here you can create new Avatars for yourself, your peers and your students.

If this is your first time logging in you must create your own adult Avatar and await approval before creating student Avatar accounts.

Adult Avatars must have a police check attached. You can either use one from your school or use Ascertain.

All Avatars must use a unique email address which has not been use on any Second Life island before.

All students must be over 13 years of age and under 18 years of age.

Click here to access global online units.



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