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Things We’re Working On


First of all, we’re creating a login on the Skoolaborate home page for members which will then take you to our new Member’s Site.  From here you will be able to access all of the online tools from one location (ie. the Online Units, Avatar Registry, etc.).  We are also building in a few extras that should help make things easier…


This was a request a while back from a few account managers who wanted tutorials on the various procedures they needed to do like creating avatar accounts, proposing projects, etc.  I have finished a basic manual for new managers already, and am working on one for teachers and one for students.  They will be available on the website, but also as a downloadable PDF.


Our developer is paying extra attention to the Online Units at the moment, and we should have a system in place to create, track, grade, and record tasks within the Online Unit.  In other words, teachers can add questions or assignment prompts that the students will be able to answer within the unit.  Their answers will then be published to a page where teachers can add grades and comments, and then print a student’s results when the project is finished.  We’ve done most of the development for this already, and it should be ready very soon.

Discussion Forums

We’ve been using Google Groups as a discussion board for sometime, but to make things easier, we need to centralize everything onto one page.  This is the reasoning behind the Discussion Forums, which should also allow us to create discussion categories based on subject or other criteria.  This may also make it easier to find suitable partners for collaborative events and projects.

Bulk Uploading for New Avatars

For managers, creating more than 10 child avatar accounts can be tedious.  In our current system, only one account can be created at a time through our online form.  Bulk uploading will allow managers to upload a CSV file (which can be exported from MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software) that contains all of the necessary information.  Just one upload and it’s done.


So, I hope you will all be happy with the new changes.  We’re still working hard to make it an easier system for all of you to use.  As these new features come online, I will make individual announcements with links to tutorials so that each of you may try them out.


Chris, Westley & Rob

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