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Winners of AADES Awards for 2011


Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools Australasian Awards

Recognised Excellence in Distance Education at the 2011 ADDES Conference in Hobart.

Winners of AADES Awards for 2011

AADES Australasian Distance Education Project Award winner is Skoolaborate / Art Crimes – Mark Kent DECV, Susan Connell CSDE, Chris Knowlman BSDE.

This award is presented annually to a school, chapter or support organisation which has been judged to have developed a project or program that has been outstanding in providing improved educational opportunities for distance education students at a school level.

This has been a collaborative project between 3 schools the Distance Education Centre of Victoria, Cairns School of Distance Education and Brisbane School of Distance Education,  and targeted students aged 15-17, to provide engaging, collaborative learning experiences.  The partnership has researched, explored, discussed, shared and created an online learning environment. The aim of the project was to build bridges across the three schools involved and foster learning for both students and teachers. It has explored a unique approach to flexible and online learning in a virtual (in-world) learning space.

The project has focused on values, culture, beliefs and transitions within curriculum areas.

Skoolaborate is a global initiative that uses a blend of technologies including, blogs, online learning, wikis and ‘virtual worlds’ to transform learning. The three SDEs have collaboratively designed online units of work for students’ use. They have provided opportunities for students to access information about values, cultures, beliefs and transitions and view tasks embedded within each concept. The project has created integrated curriculum and digital technologies into collaborative actions.

45 students from the three Distance Education schools participated in the Art Crimes/ Skoolaborate initiative. The Skoolaborate project has been successful in achieving the goal of improving educational outcomes for our Distance Education students – particularly those who are disadvantaged by geographical isolation, medical issues and/or lack of opportunity for social interaction. The diverse nature of the students and the communities they represent have added a distinct richness to the learning experience.

AADES Australasian Distance Education Teaching Excellence Award winner is  Clare Schinkel

This award recognises an exemplary classroom practitioner who displays outstanding school based leadership.  Clare has been involved in a number of projects that have promoted distance education and particularly Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) to the broader regional community. A recent project she has designed, implemented and is now leading other is the Dotcom Kids project for gifted and extension students in upper primary. This has been adopted by six mainstream schools in the local area. One of the major attractions of this project was that it addressed the need to cater for gifted and talented students. This project is not only supporting students but also building partnerships with teachers and administrators as they grapple with implementing digital technologies and pedagogies – Clare’s key strengths. BSDE is now seen as a guiding light for these schools in this area of curriculum development and delivery.

AADES Australasian Distance Education Gold Award winner is Jan Kelly

This is AADES’s most distinguished annual award, granted to a distance educator whose contribution to school level distance education is assessed as outstanding. Jan is a leader and teacher of distance education whose contribution to school level distance education has covered 20 years. Jan has had a number of roles including leadership of Face to Face, Curriculum, Professional Development, Languages and Student Materials Development.  She has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion and will be a loss to distance education with her retirement at the end of this year. Jan has a clear vision for distance education and she is able to excite others to join her. Jan’s strengths lie in her understanding of curriculum at many levels and flexibility in approach to teaching. She is student centred and constantly exploring ways to maximize the learning opportunities for students. She is able to see opportunities provided by technology and lead the implementation. Jan is collaborative and develops partnerships with relevant people both inside her  own school and external organizations.

With the closure of Access Media (statewide curriculum development unit) Open Access College had to take on an unfamiliar role. Jan successfully led Open Access College in the establishment of a materials development unit. The transition to a more flexible, responsive, on-line model included the challenge of cultural change for many staff.

Jan has been an active member of AADES for many years and an executive member for 4 years. She has utilised the AADES network to benefit all distance providers. She has a strong commitment to sharing and working collaboratively across Australasia. She was inaugural member of FLX, AADES collaborative resource mode and participated in projects with the NT, WA and the VET Business Certificate consortia. Jan was the key person to ensuring this success of 2008 AADES Australasian conference hosted by SA

AADES Australasian Distance Education Presidential Citation winner is Marcia Harvey

This award is to be given to those who in the opinion of the President, and their colleagues, have made an outstanding recent contribution to AADES.To be considered for a Presidential Citation the nominee must have made a significant contribution to:

– furthering the goal of AADES

– advancing AADES’s organisational development

Much of Marcia’s work has not been seen outside of the AADES Executive. However, her impact on the organization has been huge. Marcia has been involved in distance education as a teacher and Assistant Principal and in taking the lead in the development of learning materials for distance and regular schools in the NT.  She currently leads the ICT4 Learning unit tasked with the development of the use of ICT for learning across all schools in the NT. Marcia joined the AADES Executive in 2005; she has been an advocate for AADES over that time.  She was secretary for 4 years.  She has been instrumental in the development of FLX, a process of collaborative curriculum development between AADES member schools.  She has also led the participating teams in the NT.  Marcia was also been an active member of the National Materials Development Network advocating for working across jurisdictions in the sharing and development of high quality materials for students in a distance learning environment. Marcia led the successful organization for the AADES Leaders Conference in Darwin.  Marcia has worked at a political level within the NT and Australasia wide to support the AADES agenda.  She is a team member and is passionate about the work she does. Marcia has high expectations of herself and the projects that she leads.  She has successfully made a difference to education in the NT and to AADES.

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